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I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.



I love speaking about programming.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

React is a lie


Sofia, Bulgaria / 30 November 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

React in 20 mins


Sofia, Bulgaria / 28 September 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

Building scalable web apps for patients


Sofia, Bulgaria / 14 April 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

My 3 years daughter is a better programmer then me

OpenFest / slides

Sofia, Bulgaria / 7 November 2015

London, UK

Crafting client-side testing

FOWA London

London, UK / 6 October 2015

Bucharest, Romania

Crafting client-side testing


Bucharest, Romania / 2 June 2015

Rome, Italy

AbsurdJS - hacking the front-end


Rome, Italy / 28 March 2015

Riga, Latvia

Using Node.js for everything

Riga Dev Day

Riga, Latvia / 22 January 2015

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Front-end - two sides of the same coin

How.Camp / slides

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria / 25 October 2014

Barcelona, Spain

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end

WeNode / video, slides

Barcelona, Spain / 4 October 2014

Istanbul, Turkey

Panel discussion


Istanbul, Turkey / 28 September 2014

Switzerland, Zurich

The seven rules of the happy programmer

JavaScript Meetup

Switzerland, Zurich / 9 September 2014

Linz, Austria

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end

Codefront / slides

Linz, Austria / 10 May 2014

Varna, Bulgaria

Talks at VarnaLab

Varna's Hackerspace / video,

Varna, Bulgaria /


Krasimir Tsonev is a coder with over ten years of experience in web development. Author of "Node.js Blueprints" book he works with a strong focus on quality and usability. Krasimir is interested in delivering cutting edge applications. He enjoys working in the industry and has a passion for creating and discovering new and effective digital experiences.

Right now Krasimir is working with technologies like HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and NodeJS, but originally he started as a graphic designer. Later, being a flash developer he spent several years using ActionScript3 and frameworks like RobotLegs. After that, as a freelancer he continued delivering full stack web services for his clients - graphic design, front-end and back-end programming.

With the rise of the mobile development, Krasimir is enthusiastic to work on responsive applications targeted to various devices. Living and working in Bulgaria he graduated at the Technical University of Varna with bachelor and master degree in computer science. He loves blogging, writing books and making talks about the latest trends in web development.


Technical University Varna
Master of Computer Systems and Technologies

Technical University Varna
Bachelor of Computer Systems and Technologies

Professional technical school "Tsar Simeon Veliki"
Computer Systems


London, UK
At TrialReach I'm working as front-end developer. Mainly focused on single page application development including CSS, HTML and JavaScript coding.

Alkuvoima East
Helsinki, Finland / Varna, Bulgaria
Nowadays, everything lives in the browser. My main responsibility in the company is building flexible, modular and well tested JavaScript/HTMl/CSS based applications. Some of them require real time communication, so I have the luck to work with Node.js. Along with that I'm using Node.js to improve and speed up our workflow. Coding cross-browser web sites, I'm happy to say that I produce responsive apps.

At that time I was everything. I mean I was the sales and project manager. I did front-end and back-end development. I even design the sites of my clients. However most of my projects require solid JavaScript/ActionScript skills. It was interesting time, because the things started to change. The flash started dying and everyone wanted his product in pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Faroe Islands / Varna, Bulgaria
At the company I was responsible for the front-end development. 50% of my time went to JavaScript/HTML/CSS tasks and the other half was taken by Flash/Flex development. From time to time I code in PHP as well.

Design.BG Studios
Varna, Bulgaria
I started as graphic designer, but very soon I got new responsibilities. I had to slice my designs to perfect pixel HTML/CSS/JavaScript web applications. At that time Flash was still quite popular, so I started digging into ActionScript2/3. This gives me a very good base for my favorite language - JavaScript. You know, the both are based on ECMAScript.

Advertising Agency "EXTREME"
Varna, Bulgaria
My main job was to design print materials, but after few months I took care for the web sites requests. At that time we used mostly HTMl, JavaScript and Flash.



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