Krasimir Tsonev

I'm a blogger, who writes and speaks.
I love open source and I code
awesome stuff.


I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.



I love speaking about programming.

I'm open to interesting and fun events. To invite me as a speaker, please drop me a line at info(@)

* I usually require accommodation and flights.

Sofia, Bulgaria



Sofia, Bulgaria / 28 September 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

Building scalable web apps for patients


Sofia, Bulgaria / 14 April 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

My 3 years daughter is a better programmer then me

OpenFest / slides

Sofia, Bulgaria / 7 November 2015

London, UK

Crafting client-side testing

FOWA London

London, UK / 6 October 2015

Bucharest, Romania

Crafting client-side testing


Bucharest, Romania / 2 June 2015

Rome, Italy

AbsurdJS - hacking the front-end


Rome, Italy / 28 March 2015

Riga, Latvia

Using Node.js for everything

Riga Dev Day

Riga, Latvia / 22 January 2015

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Front-end - two sides of the same coin

How.Camp / slides

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria / 25 October 2014

Barcelona, Spain

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end

WeNode / video, slides

Barcelona, Spain / 4 October 2014

Istanbul, Turkey

Panel discussion


Istanbul, Turkey / 28 September 2014

Switzerland, Zurich

The seven rules of the happy programmer

JavaScript Meetup

Switzerland, Zurich / 9 September 2014

Linz, Austria

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end

Codefront / slides

Linz, Austria / 10 May 2014